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Osipov, S., Chowdhury, S., Crowley, J. N., Tadic, I., Drewnick, F., Borrmann, S., Eger, P., Fachinger, F., Fischer, H., Predybaylo, E., Fnais, M., Harder, H., Pikridas, M., Vouterakos, P., Pozzer, A., Sciare, J., Ukhov, A., Stenchikov, G. L., Williams, J. und Lelieveld, J.: Severe atmospheric pollution in the Middle East is attributable to anthropogenic sources, Communications Earth & Environment, 3, doi:10.1038/s43247-022-00514-6, 2022.
Stenchikov, G., Ukhov, A., Osipov, S., Ahmadov, R., Grell, G., Cady-Pereira, K., Mlawer, E. und Iacono, M.: How Does a Pinatubo-Size Volcanic Cloud Reach the Middle Stratosphere?, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126(10), doi:10.1029/2020JD033829, 2021.
Osipov, S., Stenchikov, G., Tsigaridis, K., LeGrande, A. N., Bauer, S. E., Fnais, M. und Lelieveld, J.: The Toba supervolcano eruption caused severe tropical stratospheric ozone depletion, Communications Earth & Environment, 2, doi:10.1038/s43247-021-00141-7, 2021.
Predybaylo, E., Stenchikov, G., Wittenberg, A. T. und Osipov, S.: El Niño/Southern Oscillation response to low-latitude volcanic eruptions depends on ocean pre-conditions and eruption timing, Communications Earth & Environment, 1, doi:10.1038/s43247-020-0013-y, 2020.
Bourtsoukidis, E., Pozzer, A., Sattler, T., Matthaios, V. N., Ernle, L., Edtbauer, A., Fischer, H., Könemann, T., Osipov, S., Paris, J.-D., Pfannerstill, E. Y., Stönner, C., Tadic, I., Walter, D., Wang, N., Lelieveld, J. und Williams, J.: The Red Sea Deep Water is a potent source of atmospheric ethane and propane, Nature Communications, 11(1), doi:10.1038/s41467-020-14375-0, 2020.
Osipov, S., Stenchikov, G., Tsigaridis, K., LeGrande, A. N. und Bauer, S. E.: The Role of the SO2 Radiative Effect in Sustaining the Volcanic Winter and Soothing the Toba Impact on Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(2), doi:10.1029/2019JD031726, 2020.
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