Publications of K. P. Jochum

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Macholdt, D. S., Otter, L. M., Jochum, K. P., Stoll, B., Weis, U., Pöhlker, C., Müller, M., Kappl, M., Weber, B., Kilcoyne, A. L. D., Weigand, M., Al-Amri, A. and Andreae, M. O.: Relationship between Rock Varnish and Adjacent Mineral Dust Compositions Using Microanalytical Techniques, in AGU Fall Meeting 2015, American Geophysical Union, Washington DC. [online] Available from:, 2015.

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Macholdt, D. S., Förster, J.-D., Müller, M., Weber, B., Kappl, M., Kilcoyne, A. L. D., Weigand, M., Leitner, J., Jochum, K. P., Pöhlker, C. and Andreae, M. O.: Artifacts from manganese reduction in rock samples prepared by focused ion beam (FIB) slicing for X-ray microspectroscopy, Geoscientific instrumentation, methods and data systems discussions, 7, doi:10.5194/gi-2018-20, 2018.
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