August 2015

A small field project (20 flight hours) dedicated to ship emission measurements in the Baltic Sea. Operation base was Bornholm, measurements were performed onboard the research aircraft Polar 5 of AWI. Instrumentation included NO, NO2, SO2, O3, H2O, CO, CO2, aerosol particles (size, concentration, chemistry)

25.08.2015  Ferry Flight Bremerhaven - Bornholm (used as measurement flight)
26.08.2015  Measurement flight, characterization of background conditions
28.08.2015  2 measurement flight with specific ship emission measurements
30.08.2015  Ferry flight Bornholm - Bremerhaven, with specific ship emission measurements and LIDAR intercomparison over Lindenberg, Germany

Cooperation partners:
AWI (A. Herber, D. Kalmbach, H. Schulz, M. Zanatta)
Uni Mainz (P. Hoor, H. Bozem)
FZ Jülich (A. Petzold, U. Bundke, J. de Faria)

Involved staff of research group Schneider:
J. Schneider, F. Köllner


Marco Zanatta, Heiko Bozem, Franziska Köllner, Johannes Schneider, Daniel Kunkel, Peter Hoor, Julia de Faria, Andreas Petzold, Ulrich Bundke, Katherine Hayden, Ralf M. Staebler, Hannes Schulz & Andreas B. Herber, Airborne survey of trace gases and aerosols over the Southern Baltic Sea: from clean marine boundary layer to shipping corridor effect, Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 72:1, 1-24, DOI: 10.1080/16000889.2019.1695349, 2020.

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