Scientific – technical questions

The following specific questions are addressed to determine the influence of convective transport, removal and the photochemical effects of non‐methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC), oxidized volatile organic compounds (OVOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) on radical formation and loss processes:

Can we constrain the radical chemistry in air masses influenced by:

a. convective tracer transport (e.g., high NMVOC, NOx)? 
b. large‐scale tracer transport (e.g., moderate NMVOC, NOx)? 
c. lightning (e.g., low NMVOC, high NOx)? 
d. and in the middle troposphere (e.g., low NMVOC, NOx)?

What are the controlling OH and HO2 radical sources/sinks?
Can we quantitatively understand the observed NO/NO2, NOx/HNO3 and OH/HO2 ratios?
What are the main factors controlling HCHO/CH3CHO, other OVOC and H2O2?
Can we quantify cloud "processing“, photochemical “ageing” of trace species and O3 formation during transport in the atmosphere?
What fraction of air pollution in the upper troposphere could be transported into the stratosphere?

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