EMeRGe-EU: July 2017, EMeRGe-Asia: March/April 2018

Effect of Megacities on the transport and transformation of pollutants on the Regional and Global scales

The number and size of major population centers (MPCs) is increasing worldwide. EMeRGe used the HALO aircraft research platform to investigate the impact of MPC emissions on air pollution at local, regional and hemispheric scales by making dedicated airborne measurement campaigns, coupled interpretation and modelling studies of primarily the short lived climate pollutants, i.e. reactive gases, temporary reservoirs, and aerosol particles. Two field campaigns were conducted in Europe and Asia. The Europe phase (EMeRGe-EU) took place between July 10 and July 30, 2017, out of Oberpfaffenhofen. The second phase (EMeRGe-Asia) took place between March 12 and April 07 out of Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC). HALO was based in Tainan, a city in the South-West of the island.

See here for a EMeRGe-Asia campaign blog.

Instruments of our group:

People involved of our group:
J. Schneider, K. Kaiser, C. Schulz, P. Schuhmann

Collaboration partners:
J. Burrows, L. Hernandez (U Bremen)
H. Schlager, H. Ziereis, D. Sauer (DLR)
K. Pfeilsticker (U Heidelberg)
A. Zahn, H. Bönisch (KIT)
M. Pöhlker, U. Pöschl (MPIC)
B. Bohn (FZJ)


Lin, C.-Y., Chen, W.-C., Chien, Y.-Y., Chou, C. C. K., Liu, C.-Y., Ziereis, H., Schlager, H., Förster, E., Obersteiner, F., Krüger, O. O., Holanda, B. A., Pöhlker, M. L., Kaiser, K., Schneider, J., Bohn, B., Pfeilsticker, K., Weyland, B., Andrés Hernández, M. D., and Burrows, J. P.: Effects of transport on a biomass burning plume from Indochina during EMeRGe-Asia identified by WRF-Chem, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23, 2627–2647, https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-23-2627-2023, 2023.

Andrés Hernández, M. D., Hilboll, A., Ziereis, H., Förster, E., Krüger, O. O., Kaiser, K., Schneider, J., Barnaba, F., Vrekoussis, M., Schmidt, J., Huntrieser, H., Blechschmidt, A.-M., George, M., Nenakhov, V., Harlass, T., Holanda, B. A., Wolf, J., Eirenschmalz, L., Krebsbach, M., Pöhlker, M. L., Kalisz Hedegaard, A. B., Mei, L., Pfeilsticker, K., Liu, Y., Koppmann, R., Schlager, H., Bohn, B., Schumann, U., Richter, A., Schreiner, B., Sauer, D., Baumann, R., Mertens, M., Jöckel, P., Kilian, M., Stratmann, G., Pöhlker, C., Campanelli, M., Pandolfi, M., Sicard, M., Gómez-Amo, J. L., Pujadas, M., Bigge, K., Kluge, F., Schwarz, A., Daskalakis, N., Walter, D., Zahn, A., Pöschl, U., Bönisch, H., Borrmann, S., Platt, U., and Burrows, J. P.: Overview: On the transport and transformation of pollutants in the outflow of major population centres – observational data from the EMeRGe European intensive operational period in summer 2017, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 5877–5924, https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-22-5877-2022, 2022.


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