Group Members

Group Leader       

Dr. Thomas Berkemeier

My research deals with the mathematical description of multiphase processes in the atmosphere and in the human body. For example, we want to understand how particles form in the atmosphere, how they affect Atmospheric Chemistry, and which chemical reactions they trigger in the body. Therefore, my research group develops computer models and conducts laboratory experiments with the goal of understanding the relevant chemical and physical processes and applying this knowledge to offer solutions to our leading questions.

Tel: +49 6131 305  7400



Group Members


Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Anna Backes

My research focuses on proteins, particularly airborne allergens, and their modification through chemical reactions with air pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Additionally, I explore how protein modifications arise in the human body during oxidative stress. My work combines laboratory experiments with kinetic modeling to obtain a detailed understanding of the underlying reaction kinetics.





Ph.D. Students


Hyungu Kang

Research: I study the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) with oxidation flow reactors and mass spectrometry in collaboration with the Hwajin Kim group at Seoul National University. I will be using numerical methods to research multiphase chemistry in aerosols.




Ashmi Mishra

My research focuses on the adverse health effects of atmospheric aerosols. In particular, I look at the redox chemistry of atmospheric particles entering the human body by combining laboratory work with numerical modelling techniques.


Matteo Krüger

Research: My research addresses the health effects of exposure to particulate matter with an emphasis on smoking and passive smoking using kinetic modeling. Also, I explore different applications of machine learning in atmospheric chemistry.





Dr. Coraline Mattei (Postdoc, 2019-2020)

Dr. Jake Wilson (Ph.D. student, 2018-2021)

Dr. Alexander Filippi (Ph.D. student, 2020-2021)

Dr. Eleni Dovrou (Postdoc, 2020-2022)

Zhen Zhao (Visiting student, 2022-2023)

Dr. Steven Lelieveld (Ph.D. student, 2018-2022, Postdoc 2022-2023)

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