Jan/Feb 2024, Cairns, Australia

The CAFE-Pacific mission took place in the Indo-Pacific region north-west and northeast of Cairns, Australia, in January and February 2024. This corresponds to the onset of the Australian monsoon wet season. The main focus of the mission was on the investigation of the photooxidation chemistry, the radical cycling, new particle formation and photochemical aging for the pristine marine conditions of the tropical Pacific.

The campaign was successfully completed on March 03, 2024, with the last ferry flight back to Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

The mission was funded by the Max Planck Society and the DFG (HALO-SPP 1294).

Instruments of our group:

Involved staff of research group Schneider:
K. Kaiser, P. Joppe, J. Schneider

Collaboration partners:
H. Harder, J. Williams, J. Crowley, H. Fischer, A. Pozzer, C. Pöhlker, Y. Chen, U. Pöschl, J. Lelieveld (MPIC)
J. Curtius (Goethe University Frankfurt)
M. Pöhlker (TROPOS)
B. Bohn (FZ Jülich)
A. Zahn (KIT)

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