(TropoPause compositon gradients and small scale mixing Experiment)

TPEx is the central field campaign of the TPChange research center. It will take place in June 2024 out of Hohn (Schleswig-Holstein) with measurement flights in the time window from June 10 to 21.

 The scientific questions are

  • Water vapor distribution in the UTLS region across central Europe
  • Identification of mixing at and across the tropopause induced by diabatic processes
  • Vertical transport of arosols and trace species from the boundary layer to the UTLS (e.g. by convection or frontal uplift) and effect of UTLS composition and new particle formation events
  • Source apportionment of aerosols and ice-nucleating particles (INPs) for understanding the main pathways of transport towards UTLS

Instruments of our group:


Involved staff of AG Schneider:

P. Joppe, J. Wilsch, J. Schneider

Cooperation partners:

P. Hoor, H. Bozem, N. Emig, I. Kurth (JGU Mainz, campaign coordination)

C. Rolf, A. Afchine, N. Spelten, P. Konjari (FZ Jülich)

K. Kandler, S. Ismayil, L. Schneider (TU Darmstadt)

J. Curtius, S. Richter, A. Vogel, A. Breuninger, J. Schrod, R. Roßberg (GU Frankfurt)

S. Hofmann, T. Röschentaler, D. Schell, A. Kutschka, J. Hartmann (Enviscope)


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