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Santamaria-Perez, D., Mukherjee, G. D., Schwager, B. and Boehler, R.: High-pressure melting curve of helium and neon: Deviations from corresponding states theory, Physical Review B, 81(21) [online] Available from:, 2010.
Journal Article
Santamaría-Pérez, D., Ross, M., Errandonea, D., Mukherjee, G. D., Mezouar, M. and Boehler, R.: X-ray diffraction measurements of Mo melting to 119 GPa and the high pressure phase diagram, Journal of Chemical Physics, 130(12) [online] Available from:, 2009.
Journal Article
Errandonea, D., Santamaria-Perez, D., Vegas, A., Nuss, J., Jansen, M., Rodriguez-Hernandez, P. and Munoz, A.: Structural stability of Fe5Si3 and Ni2Si studied by high-pressure x-ray diffraction and ab initio total-energy calculations, Physical Review B, 77(9) [online] Available from:, 2008.
Journal Article
Santamaria-Perez, D. and Boehler, R.: FeSi melting curve up to 70 GPa, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 265(3-4), 743–747 [online] Available from:, 2008.
Journal Article
Boehler, R., Santamaria-Pérez, D., Errandonea, D. and Mezouar, R.: Melting, density, and anisotropy of iron at core conditions: new X-ray measurements to 150 GPa, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 121, doi:10.1088/1742-6596/121/2/022018, 2008.
Journal Article
Santamaría-Pérez, D., Errandonea, D., Vegas, A., Nuss, J., Jansen, M., Rodríguez-Hernández, P., Muñoz, A. and Boehler, R.: Phase diagram studies on iron- and nickel-silicides: high-pressure experiments and ab-initio calculations, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 121, doi:10.1088/1742-6596/121/2/022013, 2008.
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