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Journal Article (10)

Journal Article
Walter, S., Laukenmann, S., Stams, A. J. M., Vollmer, M. K., Gleixner, G. and Röckmann, T.: The stable isotopic signature of biologically produced molecular hydrogen (H2), Biogeosciences, 9(10), 4115–4123 [online] Available from:, 2012.
Journal Article
Deeds, D. A., Vollmer, M. K., Kulongoski, J. T., Miller, B. R., Mühle, J., Harth, C. M., Izbicki, J. A., Hilton, D. R. and Weiss, R. F.: Evidence for crustal degassing of CF4 and SF6 in Mojave Desert groundwaters, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72(4), 999–1013 [online] Available from:, 2008.
Journal Article
Vollmer, M. K., Juergens, N., Steinbacher, M., Reimann, S., Weilenmann, M. and Buchmann, B.: Road vehicle emissions of molecular hydrogen (H2) from a tunnel study, Atmospheric Environment, 41(37), 8355–8369 [online] Available from:, 2007.
Journal Article
Vollmer, M. K., Bootsma, H. A., Hecky, R. E., Patterson, G., Halfman, J. D., Edmond, J. M., Eccles, D. H. and Weiss, R. F.: Deep-water warming trend in Lake Malawi, East Africa, Limnology and Oceanography, 50(2), 727–732 [online] Available from:, 2005.
Journal Article
Fraser, P. J., Porter, L. W., Baly, S. B., Krummel, P. B., Dunse, B. L., Steele, L. P., Derek, N., Langenfels, R. L., Levin, I., Oram, D. E., Elkins, J. W., Vollmer, M. K. and Weiss, R. F.: Sulfur hexafluoride at Cape Grim: Long term trends and regional emissions, Baseline Atmospheric (Australia), 2001-2002, 18–23 [online] Available from:, 2004.
Journal Article
Lueker, T. J., Walker, S. J., Vollmer, M. K., Keeling, R. F., Nevison, C. D., Weiss, R. F. and Garcia, H. E.: Costal upwelling air-sea fluxes revealed in atmospheric observations of O2/N2, CO2 and N2O, Geophysical Research Letters, 30(6), doi:10.1029/2002GL016615, 2003.
Journal Article
Waugh, D. W., Vollmer, M. K., Weiss, R. F., Haine, T. W. N. and Hall, T. M.: Transit time distributions in Lake Issyk-Kul, Geophysical Research Letters, 29(24), doi:10.1029/2002GL016201, 2002.
Journal Article
Vollmer, M. K., Weiss, R. F., Williams, R. T., Falkner, K. K., Qiu, X., Ralph, E. A. and Romanovsky, V. V.: Physical and chemical properties of the waters of saline lakes and their importance for deep-water renewal: Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 66(24), 4235–4246 [online] Available from:, 2002.
Journal Article
Vollmer, M. K. and Weiss, R. F.: Simultaneous determination of sulfur hexafluoride and three chlorofluorocarbons in water and air, Marine Chemistry, 78(2-3), 137–148 [online] Available from:, 2002.
Journal Article
Vollmer, M. K., Weiss, R. F., Schlosser, P. and Williams, R. T.: Deep-water renewal in Lake Issyk-Kul, Geophysical Research Letters, 29(8), doi:10.1029/2002GL014763, 2002.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Vollmer, M. K., Weiss, R. F. and Bootsma, H. A.: Ventilation of Lake Malawi/Nyasa, in The East African Great Lakes: Limnology, Paleolimnology and Biodiversity, edited by E. O. Odada and D. O. Olago, pp. 209–233, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. [online] Available from:, 2002.
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