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Journal Article
Efraim, A., Lauer, O., Rosenfeld, D., Braga, R. C., Franco, M. A., Kremper, L. A., Zhu, Y., Pöschl, U., Pöhlker, C., Andreae, M. O., Artaxo, P., de Araújo, A. C. and Pöhlker, M. L.: Satellite-based detection of secondary droplet activation in convective clouds, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 127, doi:10.1029/2022JD036519, 2022.
Journal Article
Yue, Z., Rosenfeld, D., Liu, G., Dai, J., Yu, X., Zhu, Y., Hashimshoni, E., Xu, X., Hui, Y. and Lauer, O.: Automated Mapping of Convective Clouds (AMCC) Thermodynamical, Microphysical, and CCN Properties from SNPP/VIIRS Satellite Data, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 58(4), 887–902, doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-18-0144.1, 2019.

Preprint (1)

Braga, R. C., Ervens, B., Rosenfeld, D., Andreae, M. O., Förster, J.-D., Fütterer, D., Pardo, L. H., Holanda, B. A., Jurkat, T., Krüger, O. O., Lauer, O., Machado , L. A. T., Pöhlker, C., Sauer, D., Voigt, C., Walser, A., Wendisch, M., Pöschl, U. and Pöhlker, M. L.: Cloud droplet number closure for tropical convective clouds during the ACRIDICON–CHUVA campaign, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 21, doi:10.5194/acp-2021-80, 2021.
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