Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (Q-AMS)

The quadrupole version of the Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (Q-AMS) was developed by Aerodyne Research Inc, Massachusetts, and is described in detail in Jayne et al. (2000), Jimenez et al. (2003), and Canagaratna et al. (2007). The instrument has been designed to provide real-time quantitative information on size-resolved mass loadings for volatile and semi-volatile molecular components present in/on ambient aerosol particles. Unlike laser-desorption/ionization instruments that provide a qualitative or semi-quantitative picture of the full chemical composition of individual particles, the AMS is designed to provide quantitative composition information on ensembles of particles, with limited single particle information.

The AMS consists of three main parts: an aerosol inlet, a particle sizing chamber, and a particle composition detection section. The different sections are separated by small apertures and differentially pumped. The aerosol inlet contains an aerodynamic lens that focuses the particles into a narrow beam (~ 1 mm diameter). The particle size range is approximately 30 to 1000 nm. Size-dependent particle velocities created by expansion into vacuum are used to determine particle size through a particle time-of-flight measurement. The focused particle beam is modulated by a rotating wheel chopper operating at about 100 Hz with a ~2% duty cycle. Time-resolved particle detection after a known flight distance gives the particle velocity from which the vacuum-aerodynamic diameter of the particles is obtained. Detection is performed by directing the particle beam onto a resistively heated roughened surface under high vacuum (~ 10-7 Torr). Upon impaction, the volatile and semi-volatile components in/on the particles flash vaporize. The vaporization source is integrally coupled to an electron impact ionizer at the entrance of a quadrupole mass spectrometer. When the quadrupole is tuned to a representative mass, bursts of ions are produced that are averaged to produce a size-resolved mass distribution. More info: Visit the mass spectrometry pages by Jose Jimenez

We purchased the Q-AMS in 2001, and the first field deployments were during MINOS (2001) and HAZE (2002). In 2003 we reconfigured the instrument for aircraft use (PAZI), but also for all following projects we used the two-aircraft-rack configuration. In 2007 we upgraded the Q-AMS to a C-ToF-AMS.


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Theses based on the Quadrupole AMS:

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