SOACD (Sources and Origins of Atmospheric Cloud Droplets)

July 2003, Areskutan, Sweden

We conducted ground based real-time measurements of the chemical composition and species-resolved size distribution of in-cloud and background aerosol particles at a mountain-top site in central Sweden using the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS). These measurements were part of the "Sources and Origins of Atmospheric Cloud Droplets" research project, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University, Sweden (MISU). The main objective of the project was to learn more about the processes that determine which aerosol particles form cloud droplets and how aerosol/cloud interactions influence the chemical and microphysical transformations of both clouds and aerosol. In order to accomplish these goals the AMS was coupled to a sampling system that included a Counterflow Virtual Impactor (CVI) cloud sampler and various instruments to determine physical particle properties like size distribution and particle number concentration. The measurements were conducted during July 2003 at the MISU sampling station on top of the Åreskutan mountain in central Sweden, which is a well suited location for the sampling of background continental clouds droplets.


People involved:
F. Drewnick, J. Schneider, S. Hings, S. Weimer, N. Hock, T. Böttger

Drewnick, F. , J. Schneider, S. S. Hings, N. Hock, K. Noone, A. Targino, S. Weimer, and S. Borrmann, Measurement of Ambient, Interstitial, and Residual Aerosol Particles on a Mountain-top Site in Central Sweden using an Aerosol Mass Spectrometer and a CVI. J. Atm. Chem., 56, 1-20, doi:10.1007/s10874-006-9036-8, 2007.

Targino, A. C., Noone, K. J., Drewnick, F., Schneider, J., Krejci, R., Olivares, G., Hings, S., Borrmann, S., Microphysical and chemical characteristics of cloud droplet residuals and interstitial particles in continental stratocumulus clouds, Atmospheric Research, 86, 225-240, doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2007.05.001, 2007.

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