VERDI - Vertical distribution of ice in Arctic clouds

April-May 2012

VERDI was a project coordinated by the University of Leipzig (Prof. M Wendisch). It aims for the investigation of the radiation budget of Arctic ice clouds. Please visit the VERDI homepage for details. The campaign with the research aircraft Polar-5 (operated by Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Bremerhaven) was conducted in April/May 2012 in Northern Canada (Inuvik).

Look here for the campaign blog!

We operated the ALABAMA including an optical particle counter (OPC) to measure the size and composition of aerosol particles that may act as cloud precursors.

People involved in the ALABAMA measurements:
A. Roth, J. Schneider, T. Klimach, C. Kirsch.

The Aerosol and Cloud Physics group of the Particle Chemistry Department also operated cloud microphysics instruments (CCP, PIP) which are mounted outside the aircraft in a PMS cannister.

People involved:
R. Weigel. M. Klingebiel, S. Molleker, W. Schneider


Klingebiel, M., de Lozar, A., Molleker, S., Weigel, R., Roth, A., Schmidt, L., Meyer, J., Ehrlich, A., Neuber, R., Wendisch, M., and Borrmann, S.: Arctic low-level boundary layer clouds: in situ measurements and simulations of mono- and bimodal supercooled droplet size distributions at the top layer of liquid phase clouds, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 617-631, doi:10.5194/acp-15-617-2015, 2015.

Roth, Anja: Untersuchungen von Aerosolpartikeln und Wolkenresidualpartikeln mittels Einzelpartikel-Massenspektrometrie und optischen Methoden, PhD thesis (in German), University Mainz, 2014.

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