Group members


Principal Investigator


          Yafang Cheng

          Yafang Cheng’s research focuses on aerosols. She is
          developing and combining experimental methods and
          multi-scale modeling tools to elucidate the mechanisms
          of aerosol particle formation and transformation as well
          as the impact of aerosols on air quality, public health,
          and climate change.




Technical Staff


          Uwe Kuhn

          Sources, atmospheric transformation and sinks of climatically
          relevant trace gases of the earth’s atmosphere is focus of my





          Bruno Backes Meller

          Bruno’s research aims at understanding sources and life cycle
          of aerosols in the Amazon atmosphere, particularly the physical
          and chemical mechanisms of secondary formation. To this end,
          he works on Amazon field campaigns to measure aerosol, gas
          and cluster chemical composition using mass spectrometry.
          Bruno is an exchange student from the Institute of Physics,
          University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


          Elizabeth Rigby

          Elizabeth studies physical and chemical properties of aerosol   
          particles using optical tweezers. She is a visiting student from
          Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, USA.


          Ivan Eremets

          Ivan studies new particle formation at high altitude &
          aerosol-radiation-cloud interactions using WRF-Chem model.


          Jianqiang Zhu

          Using different state-of-the-art particle measurement
          instruments (Nano-SPMS, NAIS, and PSM), Jianqiang studies
          atmopsheric particle form and further growth in
          different regions, including China, Europe, and Amazon forests.
          Meanwhile, he is also working on the Nano-HTDMA
          to investigate the hygroscopicity of organic
          nano-particles and the size effect.


          Matteo Krüger

          Matteo’s research addresses the health effects of
          exposure to particulate matter with an emphasis on
          smoking and passive smoking using kinetic modeling.
          Also, he explores different applications of machine
          learning in atmospheric chemistry. Matteo is an external
          group member from Berkemeier’s Group for developing
          joint research interested in AI/ML.


          Qinqin Yu

          Qinqin’s research focuses on aerosol formation and
          environmental & climate impact in low temperature
          environment, e.g., her field observations were mainly
          conducted in cold winter in Harbin city in northern
          China. She is an exchange PhD student, supported
          by CSC.


          Xihao Pan

          Xihao’s research focuses on the effects of black carbon on the
          climate at high altitude. He is responsible for the data handling
          of CARIBIC-SP2, which measures the physicochemical
          properties of individual BC particles in the upper troposphere
          and lowermost stratosphere. Xihao is a PhD student,
          supported by CSC.


          Yunzhi Xu

          Yunzhi’s research focuses on the analysis of air pollution
          characteristics in Northern China, in particular the
          formation of Hydroxymethanesulfonate (HMS)
          in PM2.5. She is an exchange PhD student, supported
          by CSC.



Postdoctoral Researchers


          Chaoqun Ma

          Chaoqun works with regional and global atmospheric chemistry
          models, as well as Data Assimilation and Deep Learning
          technologies. With these tools, he investigates different
          processes about atmospheric chemistry and their
          interactions with the Earth system.


          Fengxia Bao

          Fengxia studies the mechanisms of HONO production
          from soils using laboratory smog chambers combined
          with long-path absorption photometric (LPAP) HONO
          measurement systems.


          Guo Li

           Guo’s current research topics are mainly related to
           development of techniques to directly probe the
           acidity (pH) of ambient aerosols and participating
           field campaigns to explore aerosol composition
           and growth characteristics under varied
           environmental conditions.

           Guo did his PhD research also in Cheng’s group,
           supported by CSC (graduated in 2018).


          Lianfang Wei

          Lianfang is working on incorporating the isotopic
          chemistry tagging technique into atmospheric chemical
          transport model to improve simulation of secondary
          inorganic aerosol (sulfate, nitrate, and ammonium), and to
          constrain their formation processes and sources. She is
          supported by CSC.


          Ruijing Ni

          Ruijng’s research focuses on the impact of air pollution
          exposure on public health. By combining the epidemiological
          data and modeling simulations, I investigate the global
          burden of disease attributable to air pollution exposure
          (especially the particulate matter exposure).


          Siyao Yue

          Siyao studies the roles of biological aerosols (bioaerosols)
          in the atmosphere and the Earth system. He develops
          programming tools for the post-analysis of the collected
          data using WIBS and fluorescence techniques. He also
          study the chemistry of brown carbon and their impact on
          the climate, e.g., the Arctic warming.


          Wen-Chien Lee

          Wen-Chien studies physicochemical properties of
          aerosol particles using optical tweezers.


          Wenjie Wang

          Wenjie’s research focuses on ozone pollution issues
          and coupling effects between ozone and particulate
          matter in the atmosphere by applying measurement
          data and model simulations.          


          Wenjun Meng

          Wenjun’s research focuses on investigating the co-benefits
          between air pollution control and climate change mitigation. 



Visiting Scholars


         Gregory Carmichael

         Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
         Karl Kammermeyer Professor of Chemical and Biochemical
         Engineering; Professor, Applied Mathematical and
         Computational Sciences; Co-director, Center for Global and
         Regional Environmental Research
         Univeristy of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA





Group funding

Stefan Nordmann (postdoc, 2012-2015; now: research scientist at UBA)
Hannah Meusel (PhD student, graduated in 2017)
Jeanine Ditas (postdoc, 2014-2019)
Nan Ma (postdoc/project leader, 2016-2018; now: professor at Jinan University)
Qing Mu (co-advised PhD, graduated in 2018; now: tenured research scientist at Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
Jiandong Wang (postdoc, 2016-2019; now: associate professor at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)
Yuxuan Zhang (postdoc, 2017-2020; exchange PhD student, graduated in 2017, funded by CSC, 2015-2016; now: assistant professor at Nanjing University)
Wei Tao (postdoc, WRF-Chem modeling, 2018-2022)
Lixia Liu (postdoc, 2021-2022; PhD student, graduated in 2021; now: resarch assistant at Nanjing University)
Meng Li (postdoc, AOT single particle analyses, 2019-2022; now: postdoc at UCSD, USA)
Chuchu Chen (PhD, graduated in 2022; now: researcher at Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning)
Guangjie Zheng (postdoc/project leader, 2019-2023; exchange PhD student, graduated in 2016, funded by CSC, 2014-2015; now: assistant professor at Tsinghua University)

Other Funding

Tabish Ansari (visiting student; funded by IIT Madras, India, 2013; now: Research Associate at Research Institute for Sustainibility Helmholtz Center Potsdam)
Qihou Hu (visiting scientist, supported by CSC, 2016-2017, now: associate professor at USTC)
Yan Xiang (exchange PhD student; funded by CSC, 2016-2017; now: assistant professor at Anhui Univ.)
Yunping Lin (visiting scientist, supported by CSC, 2017-2018, now: )
Pusheng Zhao (visiting scientist, supported by CSC, 2017-2018; now: senior scientist at IAP, Chinese Academy of Science)
Qian Liu (visiting scientist, supported by CSC, 2017-2018; now: )
Qiaoqiao Wang (visiting scientist, 2017-2018, now: professor at Jinan University)
Zhibin Wang (postdoc/project leader, 2013-2017; now: professor at Zhejiang University)
Ying Chen (exchange PhD student, graduated in 2017; funded by TROPOS, Leipzig; now: tenured assistant professor at University of Birmingham)
Ke Ding (exchange PhD student, graduated in 2019; funded by CSC, 2018; now: assistant professor at Nanjing University)
Minghui Zhang (PhD student, graducated in 2019, supported by CSC)
Xiaoxiang Wang (PhD student, graduated in 2019; funded by CSC)
Jiaping Wang (exchange PhD, graduated in 2019; funded by CSC, 2019; now: assistant professor at Nanjing University)
Pingqing Fu (visiting scientist, 2019. Professor at Tianjing University) 
Meng Li (postdoc, 2016-2019; now: research scientist at NOAA, USA)
Xin Wang (PhD student, graducated in 2020, supported by CSC)
Ting Lei (PhD student, graduated in 2021)
Najin Kim (postdoc, BS2-CCN, 2019-2022; now: senior permanent scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Siwen Wang (postdoc/project leader, 2014-2022, supported by ESA project; now: associate professor Beijing Univ. of Technology)
Man Yu (postdoc, 2018-2023, supported by MPIC-JNU program)
Jiani Tan (postdoc, nitrogen deposition, 2020-2023; now: assistant professor at Shanghai Univ.)



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