The Tropopause in a Changing Atmosphere – DFG TR 301

TPChange is a DFG-funded Transregional Collaborative Research Center, starting in July 2021. It focuses on the UTLS region (upper troposphere/lower stratosphere), with the goal to specify the impact of UTLS processes on composition, dynamics and ultimately on future climate and climate variability.

More information can be found on the TPChange homepage.

In our sub-project (A04) we will study aerosol chemical composition and dynamics in the UTLS region from tropical monsoon to extratropical regions by using aircraft-based in-situ mass-spectrometric measurements. This includes conducting a detailed analysis of particle composition data from previous and upcoming tropical missions with the research aircraft HALO, HIAPER, and Geophysica as well as studying small-scale aerosol dynamics in the extratropical UTLS.

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