PHILEAS (Probing High Latitude Export of air from the Asian Summer Monsoon)

Anchorage, Alaska (August-September 2023)
+ Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

In summer and early autumn East and South-east Asia is an important region for water vapour and other trace species to enter the lower stratosphere, as a consequence of the upward motions within the Asian summer monsoon (ASM). The ASM circulation during Northern summer is also thought to be the major pathway for tropospheric air masses, rich in water vapour, aerosol precursors and pollutants, into the UTLS. To investigate the relative importance of these processes contributing to the chemical composition of the UTLS, the HALO mission PHILEAS aims to characterize the evolution of the chemical composition of filaments during the full life cycle of eddy shedding process from the monsoon anticyclone and their effect particularly on the gradients of radiatively active species in the UTLS. The key research questions of PHILEAS are:

  1. What are the chemical composition and microphysical properties of the gas and particulate phase of large-scale eddies which are shed from the monsoon anticyclone?
  2. What are the main transport pathways (advection and mixing) and time scales of polluted and moist air from the monsoon into the extratropical UTLS?
  3. How do these shed eddies impact on the extratropical UTLS, and in particular on the water vapour and aerosol budget?

We participate with the aerosol mass spectrometer ERICA as joint project of AG Schneider and AG Borrmann/Köllner.

Video on PHILEAS on YouTube channel of Research Center Juelich

ERICA (ERC Instrument for Composition of Aerosol)

Involved staff of research groups Schneider/Köllner/Borrman:
F. Ekinci, P. Joppe, O. Eppers, S. Molleker, A. Dragoneas, P. Brauner, J. Schneider, F. Köllner, S. Borrmann

Collaboration partners:
M. Riese (FZ Jülich), Peter Hoor (JGU Mainz), coordinators.
C. Rolf, J.-U. Grooß, J. Ungermann, P. Preuße, M. von Hobe, R. Müller, M. Krämer (FZ Jülich)
D. Kunkel, H. Bozem, L. Tomsche (JGU Mainz)
C. Voigt, H. Ziereis, T. Jurkat-Witschas, A. Giez (DLR)
A. Engel, T. Schuck (GU Frankfurt)
F. Friedel-Vallon, A. Zahn (KIT)
M. Volk (U Wuppertal)
M. Pöhlker (TROPOS)
K. Barmpoudis (MPIC)

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