Chronology 1912 to 2012

Historical exhibitions often end with a glimpse into the future, but the MPI for Chemistry’s significant advancement in major fields of research is covered by our HALO and ATTO exhibits. We hope that our brief journey through 100 years of the KWI/MPI for Chemistry has provided useful insights.

Since the key actors, namely the scientists, have been skimmed over at various points, they are featured in our  timeline (PDF) at the end. The timeline comes from the Institute’s commemorative centennial publication and was put together by science historians Horst Kant and Gregor Lax.

We would like to extend my thanks to them as well as all our MPIC colleagues from the workshop, the teaching workshop, Administration, IT, Iris Bambach and Gerhild Feyerherd. Further thanks go to Dieter Müller (formerly of the MPIC), Volker Lässing from Albstadt, Jutta Zipfel from the Senckenberg Museum and Marion Kazemi from the Max Planck Society Archive as well as the science historian Carsten Reinhardt. Without them, this exhibition would have remained merely an idea.

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