Address and Travel Directions




Dormitory 'K3
Apt. 17xx (7th floor)
Lucy-Hillebrand-Strasse 4
55128 Mainz



You will receive the key for your mailbox at the reception of your MPI. You are welcome to attach your name to the mailbox.
Please always include your full name as well as your apartment number when providing your address for mail delivery.

If you would like to have mail delivered that does not fit in your mailbox....
a) ...please make sure that there is someone at home who can receive the mail.
b) ...use a parcel store, a packing station or a post office branch as the recipient's address (instead of the guest house address).

If the postal carrier does not meet you, he/she may hand over the parcel to a neighbor or take it to the nearest post office.

Please note that neither the janitor nor the guest house administration can receive the packages. We also cannot assist you in locating lost items.


Travel Directions

How to reach via public transport

From the central station in Mainz, the easiest way to get to the apartment building is with the tram. Lines 51 or 53 in direction of Lerchenberg/Hindemithstraße. The closest stop is called „Plaza“ and is right next to the apartment building.

Another option are the bus lines 75 (in direction of Ingelheim) or 650 (in direction of Sprendlingen). Get off at the stop „Hochschule Mainz“, take the stairs and then walk straight ahead until the end of the road. Your building is the last one on the left-hand side (house no. 4, orange-coloured).

The last option is to take bus lines 54, 55, 56, 90 to the stop „Kisselberg/Coface“. You can see the apartment building from the stop. It is only a short walk from there.


Yes, there are several parking spaces at the „Hochschule Mainz“, which is right next to the apartment building. Please note that you cannot enter the university campus by car. Both Max Planck Institutes are in walking distance of the apartment building.

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