Repairs and Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

The maintenance team has its office on the ground floor of house no. 6 (the building right next to yours). The team is around every weekday, but is often working around the housing complex. There are fixed office hours in case you need to contact them directly.

Mr Uhrig and Mr Fries

Phone: : +49 6131 392 45 57

Working hours:    Monday – Thursday7am – 4pm



7am – 12:30pm


Office hours:Monday, Wednesday, Friday      9am – 10am
 Tuesday, Thursday2pm – 3pm


If there is a problem with the apartment or the furniture, please contact Guesthouse Admin by email. They will inform the janitor and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. Outside the office hours of Guesthouse Admin and the janitor, you can also contact the emergency service. Please only do so if you have a major problem that cannot wait.

Possible problems:

- Lights don’t work
- Clogged drain
- Fridge broken
- No electricity/water
- Furniture broken
- No internet
- TV broken
- Door/Window broken

Please note that Guesthouse Admin and/or the janitor need access to your apartment and need your permission to enter. Please inform Guesthouse Admin if you don’t agree to this or if you wish to be present during the repairs.

Problems with opening the door

Please go to the janitor’s office and let him check the chip.

If the janitor is not around, please contact Guesthouse Admin.

If you’re having trouble outside the office hours of the janitor or guesthouse admin, you can contact the Emergency Service.

Locked out

In case you locked yourself out, please contact the janitor or guesthouse admin.

Outside the opening hours of the janitor or guesthouse admin, you can call the emergency service who will come and open the door for you.

Please note that you have to pay a service fee of 100, - EUR for this emergency service. The costs will not be reimbursed by your MPI.

Lost key

Please contact Guesthouse Admin. They will get a new key for you. If you can’t reach Guesthouse Admin, please try to contact the janitor.

Outside the opening hours of guesthouse admin and the janitor, you can call the Emergency service.
Please note that you have to pay a fee of 7,- EUR for the new key.


If there are no channels available, please press “Source” on the remote and choose “Satellite”.

If there are still no channels to choose from, please check that the white cable in the back of the TV is correctly plugged in. It is a cable with a screw thread which needs to be screwed clockwise on the correct pin. The pin in the TV is labelled “DVBS” and in the socket in the wall it needs to be screwed onto the top pin of the three available ones.

Should you still experience problems, please contact .

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